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What to expect

Our goal with this study is to test the effectiveness of different educational methods. We created an interactive Python course consisting of 9 lessons that you complete on your own computer at home. If you choose to participate, we will also ask you to join our online learning community (on the chat platform Slack). You will receive access to the learning material and further instructions on April 22, 2024. You will have three weeks to complete the course (until May 12), so an average of 3 lessons per week—but you can go at your own pace and complete the learning whenever suits you within this timeframe.

At the end of the course, there’ll be two things to complete that are essential to our research: a short assessment and a survey. It’s important to note that the assessment is designed not to test you as a learner, but rather for us to test the effectiveness of our learning content. In other words: your learning is our responsibility, so you don’t need to stress about doing well or badly! We want to see if we successfully designed helpful learning resources and which parts need improvement. And the survey will gather some feedback from you about your experience doing the course.

How to participate

To enroll in the course and confirm your participation in the study, please fill out this form by April 18th:

By clicking on the button above a Google Form will be opened. Google's privacy policy applies.